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Judy Reamer is an author and conference speaker. She grew up in Philadelphia, PA and graduated from the University of Maryland with an art degree, teaching in that field for several years.

She was born Jewish, but no one she knew talked about the God of her fathers. Even the Rabbi's references to God were intellectual, not relational. Had Judy been familiar with the Old Testament, not oral traditions, she would have saved herself many years of spiritual confusion and searching.

Judy's search for spiritual truth and lasting peace took her down various roads. Eventually the occult, cults, and New Age practices became her life. After years of deception, God broke through her foggy perceptions and used her Hollywood teenage idol, a world-wide entertainer, to set her free.

The truth of the Messiah ended Judy Reamer's search down the avenues of rabbinical Judaism and the occult. She joyfully shares the ways of God with unreserved frankness and simple practicality all over the country. Her teachings come from life experiences that illustrate the magnificence of God and the reality of the Bible. Judy resides in Atlanta, GA and is a widow with four grown children.

Judy's seminar subjects are varied and relevant to daily life. At times a humorist, she is also deeply serious about handling the Bible with reverence.

Judy's best selling book, FEELINGS WOMEN RARELY SHARE (newly revised), boldly confronts an often avoided female issue -sexual temptation. Timely and revealing, the message is one every woman should read at least once.

Her latest book, THE PARABLE OF THE SHOES (The Hidden Value of a Comfortable Soul), breaks through the wall of a serious subject using an inventive parable.

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